Sawa Sawa Pedi 3

AFS has been in partnership with Ashoka Youth Venture since 2012. This was initially aimed at providing training and support to exchange participants through a jointly developed “Dream It. Do It.” curriculum; that enabled participants to create positive change in their communities on their return home.

 In South Africa this has led to a number of individual projects being set up by young people, for example, Norman Vezi is a 20-year-old YES Programme alumni living in KwaZulu-Natal. Below he writes about how he has learned that changing a community in a positive way does not necessarily require someone to be rich and have a lot of equipment; but that it just takes one person or a group of individuals with ideas that can be put into action.

If you have been involved in a changemaking project (either organising one or taking part) and would like to share your story with us, please click here.