Programmes and Countries 2013

Intensive Program (2 months)

Departure: End November

Germany- Reciprocal Programme

Please contact us for details

Germany- Non-reciprocal Programme




Semester Program (4-6 Months)

Departure: Aug/Sept

Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Ecuador,Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong,Honduras, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Russia, Thailand, Venezuela

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Year Programme (10 Months )
Departure: Feb/March

Hungary, Portugal and Turkey

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Austria, Belgium (Flanders), Belgium (French), Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Spain, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Indonesia, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Malaysia, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Honduras, Japan, Mexico, Thailand and Venezuela

Canada and USA

Our fees cover the following:

  • International airfare and visa information

  • Domestic travel assistance at Johannesburg International Airport

  • Placement with a carefully selected host family who will provide housing, meals and guidance

  • Placement at a  local High School

  • School fees and books

  • Student support (A network of professionally staffed offices in over 20 partner countries, almost 100 000 trained AFS volunteers worldwide, and the confidence that is inspired by more than 50 years experience.)

  • All AFS Orientations: pre-departure, arrival, mid-year and return home orientations

  • Emergency 24-hour telephone assistance in South Africa and your host country.

  • Medical insurance with up to $1.000.000 coverage

  • Emergency Travel Insurance

  • Program Contribution and AFS International Development Fund

  • AFS transfer cost to hosting country

  • What additional costs will the exchange student be responsible for?

  • Selection processing fee to AFS Interculture South Africa (R250)

  • Visa and passport costs

  • Domestic travel to/from Johannesburg International Airport

  • Personal allowance/spending money for duration of programme

What additional costs might also come up?

Host families are not expected to assume the following costs.  However, some host families accept none, some, or all of the costs listed below.  This list is not all-inclusive; other things may come up.

  • Extracurricular/personal recreational activities in hosting country

  • Clothing (Including school uniforms if applicable)

  • Personal hygiene and medications

  • Souvenirs

  • Phone calls and communication costs to home country

  • Local cell phone

Assistance and Support

AFS is recognized throughout the world for our support of AFS participants and families. AFS is conscious of its responsibility to the host family as well as the exchange students and their parents. Assistance and support will be available in the form of volunteers situated in chapters as well as the National Office. Particularly after the first exciting weeks of getting to know each other, sometimes problems arise: The participant suffers from homesickness, the adaptation to life in a different environment and culture is exhausting for the students, it can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts in the school or with other family members. If in any such situation the host family needs assistance or advice, you can contact the support coordinator in your Chapter or in the National Office at any time.

The time with an exchange student should be enriching, not a burden! AFS is here to help and is trained to do so.

The following is provided by the organization:

  • A 24 hour Emergency contact number

  • National and Regional Offices: staff are trained to give support to families and students

  • The sending country goes through a thorough preparation of the sending participant

  • The hosting country provides the participant with an orientation at the arrival, middle and the end of their exchange programme

  • The host family receives a handbook with information important for taking up the role of hosting a foreign person

  • Volunteer Chapters: provide support and may organize social events for the students

  • Each student is assigned a Culture Coach who they may contact when they need advice or support and who will contact them on a monthly basis to discuss details and to provide support

AFS is the world’s oldest exchange student organization and as such has developed a very strong support network and a system of policies and procedures that are common throughout the worldwide partner countries. These ensure well-selected students and comprehensive orientations.