AFS has 70 years of experience in student exchange and intercultural learning. All of our AFSNext programmes are selected based on their adherence to high quality standards—standards that ensure that your experience is an exceptional learning opportunity in a safe and trusted environment, led by qualified staff and, in many cases, volunteers. These assurances have made AFS high school programmes the gold standard of student exchange. As an AFSNext participant, you can rely on an experience that meets or exceeds the expectations of today’s global learner.

In addition to the programmes, all AFSNext participants receive an added benefit of the Global Competence Certificate (GCC) programme. This signature online and in-person course offers a blended learning approach to global competence and cultural adjustment and provides instruction before, during, and after your AFSNext programme. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive the Global Competence Certificate—a benefit that solidifies and validates your abroad experience. In other words, your experience will stand out on a college application or resume.