We are pleased to share our new strategy document.

This strategic direction document is the result of six months’ work by all parts of AFS ISA. In October 2016 a survey was sent out to all volunteers, board members, and staff to collect feedback on the 2014-2016 strategy and initial input into the new strategy. This was followed by a workshop in November 2016, bringing together people from all around the country to draw up a first draft. That draft was built upon by five “pillar working groups” – resulting in a second draft in mid-March 2017. This final document was drawn up at a second workshop held in April 2017, and approved at the Annual General Assembly in May 2017.

The different stakeholders engaged in deep reflection not only on how to improve quality or increase numbers but going back to the basic question of WHY AFS Interculture South Africa exists and what role it plays in society. The answer to this question inspired staff, volunteers, AFS partners and external partners alike, and guided the direction of the strategy and its five pillars.

To see the full strategy, please click on the following link. 2017-2020-Strategy-AFS-ISA-Final-Approved-at-AGA-21-May-2017