So my first month in Argentina was amazing with highlights such as visiting Villa Carlos Paz during my second week here and starting school.
I attend Colegio Adoratrices which lies in the heart of Rosario centre. Making friends was easy since majority speak English, and at first classes were hard considering the language barrier but with the help of my friends it’s getting better.

People here are lively and warm although there’s a lot of hugging and kissing. Music, soccer, dance and meat is the culture here same as us.
I met other AFS participants and host sisters and we have become close friends. We usually go to Indahs’ house who is from Indonesia, that’s where myself and other AFS girls and host sisters just chill.
I’m really enjoying my experience thus far, there’s nothing greater than interacting with other cultures.
I’m really grateful to AFS for this opportunity and I’m going to hold my country up high.