Equipping young people with tools to build a sustainable future

Empowering young people from diverse backgrounds across the globe is central to addressing global challenges like climate change. The AFS Global STEM Changemakers Initiative is a unique opportunity for young scholars to develop a greater and more personal understanding of the importance of STEM skills and global competence in helping to advance a sustainable future, while exploring real-world examples of sustainability in their communities and the world. The programs are designed to empower underrepresented populations, especially young women, with pathways to STEM and sustainability education, leadership and social impact.

AFS Global STEM Changemaker programs offer immersive learning experiences designed and facilitated by AFS experts in intercultural education, in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy – Center for Social Impact Strategy. The collective impact intent is to equip diverse young people with critical technical competencies, like digital skills, design thinking, data literacy, and STEM awareness, paired with global competencies, such as emotional intelligence, critical thinking, intercultural awareness, and teamwork, to help scholars become changemakers in their communities and work towards a sustainable future.


Applications close on 8th January 2023.

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Should you experience any challenges on submission of your application to the link below ; please email Saskia on [email protected]

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