Sawa Sawa Pedi

AFS Interculture South Africa, ran a 12-day pilot programme (the second of four) as part of the Sawa Sawa programme across the four AFS partners in Africa. It was designed as an introduction to changemaking for volunteers, and ran from Monday 16th March to Friday 27th March. There were 14 participants in total, 12 African volunteers (3 from Egypt, 1 from Kenya, 4 from South Africa, and 4 from Ghana), 1 German volunteer and 1 Swiss volunteer. The aim of including European volunteers was to give key partners the chance to see what could possibly be on offer in the future, and to assess the feasibility of running a programme wider than just Africa.

The aims of the programme were to promote regional integration, encourage changemaking, and to link both of these to AFS’s statement of purpose “to create a more just and peaceful world”.

There were three streams of content throughout the 12-day programme:

Changemaking – Basic changemaking theory, plus each country group developed a changemaking project to implement on their return home.

Development Issues – Language, Youth Issues, Gender Issues – The issues were raised through visits to local organisations (e.g. Kliptown Youth Centre, Sonke Gender Justice etc.) but also looked at common issues across countries.

A more just and peaceful world – Human Origins, Freedom and Democracy, Regional Integration, Migration and Xenophobia, An Empowering Constitution – This was introduced through a variety of visits (e.g. Walter Sisulu Museum, Apartheid Museum, Maropeng Cradle of Humankind etc.) and, again, we looked at things from a South African perspective and related this to the situations in the other countries.)

Participants stayed with host families in South African communities and were given the opportunity to explore those communities throughout the programme.

There is also a YouTube video that gives a flavour of what went on