Sawa Sawa Host Families Needed

The Sawa Sawa programme includes a mix of changemaking training, cultural and historical sessions and visits, plus a chance to see some of Gauteng's famous sites. It also involves South Africans welcoming a participant (or more) into their own homes to experience the true nature of South African hospitality.

We are expecting a number of participants from Egypt, Ghana, and Kenya; plus hopefully one participant each from Germany and Switzerland.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know someone from the broader AFS family, to learn something about their culture, and to share yours.

Sawa Sawa Pedi will be held in Johannesburg from 15th March to 28th March 2015, and we still have some participants who have not been matched up with a host family.

If you are able to open up your home to a Sawa Sawa participant for this period, please call the office at 011 431 0113 or email Gugu at