First steps in Nampula

Arriving in Nampula, Mozambique, has been a delightful time to me at this season of the year - warm temperature not cold and not hot. A beautiful posture of mountains that has decorated their landscape, it is such a great place for someone to be and to work. I was welcomed by an admiration and love of the locals just around my host family. Young man and woman giving me two kisses on my temples, which is part of their culture. I felt at home at once.
Just in the compound of my host family yard was a very big church, to my surprise it was my host Fathers church. I felt so happy as a Christian to be welcomed by a Christian family. I am blessed to be in this place.

When I looked towards our front gate was a market commonly known with the locals in Mozambique Black Market. They sold Dried fish, Fresh vegetables, Mandioca (cassava), coconuts and a many other exotic things. I was overwhelmed and felt very happy to be around people who are doing anything they can to survive everyday.

I struggle everyday to use their mode of transport and to adapt to it. They use motorbikes, chappas and cabs (commonly known as Taxis) in Nampula. A chappa is a mini bus in which does not get full, they pack in people until they sit on window frames and their goods on top of the carrier. You thank God when you have reached your bus stop but it is also a lot of fun to experience such a thing in a lifetime.

The great mission I was here at first lays a bigger role in the betterment of my stay in Nampula. Waking up everyday looking forward to do my Job with a great admiration of young people who are enthusiastic about the good things the future has to bring in their lives. A staff off two people and their manager Dr. Sales Joao, a group of eight Alumni’s who recently returned from the USA from a Yes Program, who are acting now as volunteers in the office. Anticipate a lot of amazing gifts of knowledge in the next two months of my stay. With a plus to my work here in Nampula I have already established an AFS Chapter, Connection with CPO’s and NGO’s. I am great full for that success at an early hour of my work.