Apply Now to become a Host Family with AFS South Africa

  1. Talk with your family.

  2. Start the Hosting Process, by contacting AFS for more information and application papers.

  3. Make a decision to host as a family.

  4. Complete a Host Family Application.

  5. An AFS volunteer or staff member will arrange a personal meeting with you, in order to answer your questions and to get to know your family better.

  6. Together with AFS you will choose an exchange student for your family.

  7. The AFS National Office and local volunteers will prepare you for the arrival of the exchange student.

  8. Your new family member arrives, and the journey of growing and learning together begins!

  9. Participate in AFS activities year-round.

  10. AFS supportively stands beside you for the whole year. If you have any problems or questions don’t hesitate to contact your local volunteers or the National Office.

  11. AFS offers the possibility to you to get involved as a volunteer in the organization. The next exchange students will certainly come – perhaps you will support the next cycle of host families!