Hosting an international exchange participant is a wonderful way of exposing your family to a new culture while building a sincere, long-lasting relationship with someone from another county.

Hosting is about love and sharing, and more than 200 South African families take part in this experience every year.

Who can host?

There is no specific profile of a host family. You may be a couple with children, a single parent family or a couple without children. AFS looks for secure, open minded, understanding and loving families who are willing to share their lives with a young person from another country. You would be expected to provide the participant with a bed and meals and to treat the young individual as a member of your family by offering him or her moral support, comfort and affection, whilst fully incorporating him/her into your family.

Will I have support?

AFS worldwide prides itself on its support for students, families and volunteers. AFS will support you before, during and after your exchange by means of telephone calls, e-mails, newsletters and orientations. You will have contact with volunteers in your area and, if necessary, also with the national office staff. Communication between AFS and staff in the hosting and sending countries is quick and reliable.

What are the financial Implications?

AFS Interculture South Africa covers the costs of medical insurance, school fees, AFS organised orientations and domestic travel from Johannesburg to your town or city. The participant’s natural family is responsible for pocket money, school uniforms, extra mural activities, long distance telephone calls, entertainment expenses and medical costs, over and above medical insurance.

AFS host families represent the diversity of the South African population and, as a result, many families cannot afford travel with their student during the year. AFS can assist in organising short cultural exchanges and a tour enabling students to travel at least once during their exchange programme.

South Africa is a beautiful country and a melting pot of religions, languages and cultures. You can play a part in sharing our country and you culture with the world. The success of student exchange programmes really depends on the generosity of families who decide to take on this adventure.