Lots of fun in America

About an exchange experience in the USA

Caroline Brits, exchange student

Hello to all

Well I have finally settled in and have truly become a part of my American Family.

I am still having a lot of fun especially during the Spring Break... My host mom took me to Oregon with her mom and her daughter.

We saw so many cool things and it was real nice to see another part of this beautiful country, it is so green in Oregon, so green that the moss literally covers everything from trees, roof tops and even cars!

I loved running on the beach with Layney (my 4 year old host sister), and when low tide came I enjoyed teaching her all of the interesting see creatures like star fish, hermit crabs and anemone.

When I was there I knew that this was my only opportunity to try something new so I did!!!! I swam in the freezing Pacific Ocean. I ate the most disgusting Oyster shooter (and worst it was raw).

On our trip I also got really sick from all of the sea food, but it was worth the experiences. But I felt much better after my host mom took us to the aquarium were we had "backstage" tickets, I got to see some of the injured animals and see how they helped them, I saw new born sea horses.

I don't know what the next few months will bring but I will be looking forward to all of it, even though I really miss my family and everything at home, I also feel like a made a new family and a new home.

This experience has most definitely taught and changed me for the absolute better. I would never have achieved any of this without the help of this amazing organization and most importantly my parents.

I look forward to seeing all of you...