10-Month School Based Cultural Exchange

Students spend 10 months with a carefully selected AFS host family. They attend the local high school and participate in the daily culture of the family and respective city. AFS partners provide spaces for South African students each year but these places are limited. Departures from SA are in February-March and August-September in order to accommodate the host country’s academic year.

Students must be selected and submit final papers by the 31 August for a departure in February and submit final papers on the 28 February for departures in August. The focus of the exchange is to learn about a foreign culture, learn a new language and represent South Africa and your particular community.

6-Month High School Exchange

There is the possibility of a 6 Month semester exchange to a number of countries depending on demand. These exchanges are negotiated bi-laterally, or, in other words, between AFS ISA and specific individual countries. Departures are during February-March and August-September each year.

8 Week Intensive School Based Programme

This program is approximately two months departing during the first week of December and returning during the first week of February each year. The primary destinations are France, Italy, Spain, Malaysia and Egypt. Students arrive in the host country during the December holidays. They live with a carefully selected host family and attend school after a two-week holiday. This is a cultural exchange program not a travel program. Students may be placed in small cities and travel itinerates are up to the host family. Students return with a sound knowledge of a foreign language.

This program is extremely popular, and students are asked to apply as early as May in the year you wish to depart. Students must be selected and submit final application papers by 1 August in the year that they wish to depart.