What is a Community Service Sending

18+ Programme?

Community Service sending is a programme offered to adults between the ages of 18 and 30+. The programme teaches participants about other cultures beyond their country’s borders. Participants learn a lot about themselves by living in a foreign community and being a part of its daily life and workings.

 What will I do and learn?

Participants will work as volunteers in a community service organisation in the country of their choice. This programme provides participants and host organisations with valuable insights that accompanies the daily workings of an NGO.
This particular opportunity also allows the participant to sharpen their foreign language skills, learn new skills and at the same time explore a whole new world.
Work opportunities could include the option of working with children, refugees, assisting in schools, working with abused or helpless women, or in the community development sector. Through this programme participants will contribute in the development of the own and other people’s lives.