Become an AFS Exchange Student, Extend Your Horizon, and Have the Experience of a Lifetime!

Have you ever dreamed of visiting another country, of meeting new people, tasting new food, listening to new music and learning new cultures? On top of all this, you can live with a host family who will treat you as one of their own children, and you can learn a new language so well you will be dreaming in it! What a challenge!

Through AFS Interculture South Africa you can become an exchange student with one of the oldest and largest exchange student organizations in the world.

Departures are generally in February and August of every year, depending on the school year of the country visiting.

What is an Exchange Student Programme?

It's not just the opportunity to visit another country, but also to live with a host family, go to school, learn a new language, and become part of that culture. A chance to develop relationships with people of another country. To experience what it is like to be a Swiss, Brazilian, Danish, or Costa Rican teenager. These are the lessons you can't learn from school, or even from backpacking. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you will not regret.

There are other benefits as well. In the South African Society, where there is high unemployment and young people struggle to find jobs, it is very beneficial to have knowledge of other ways of life, and particularly to speak another language. By participating in an exchange programme and leaving the comforst of your family, friends and lifestyle, you are making a statement that you are different. You are prepared to take risks, assume responsibilities, make new friends, and become a leader among your peers. Universities and employers in todays world see international experience as a benefit. This experience can-and will-change your life.

AFS provides the opportunity to travel within a safe environment. We provide support before, during, and after your exchange by means of telephone calls, emails, newsletters, and orientations. You will have the support of an itnernational network of volunteers-including your own contact person- as well as a professional staff